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Smart lighting does more than illuminate a space. Beyond energy conservation, a smart lighting system can serve as the infrastructure for building automation, and data collected from the smart lighting system are used for advanced applications such as space optimization, building security, and mobile asset tracking.

Our next-generation LED lighting and sensor connected fixtures are optimal choices for commercial building managers seeking upgrades to their existing lighting. Our energy saving cost effective solutions and connectivity solutions allow you to save lighting costs up to 90%. We offer connectivity solutions for your existing buildings which are easily integrated and  commissioned by us.

You are then provided options to customise a wide selection of controls such as time-out on and off based on occupancy, fade rates and scheduling. Options include controlling through mobile apps or computers. Our platform allows data to be communicated between the lighting fixtures and control devices which provide you with intelligent decision options.

Our services

  • Comprehensive lighting analysis

  • Choice of lighting available

  • Calculate energy savings and ROI

  • Provide you with finance options

If you would like to consider LED lighting upgrades, you can minimise upfront cost by talking to us. We can tailor our services based on your unique needs for single or multiple locations. Our lighting and control solutions can integrate with your legacy systems or we can provide new workplace technologies across your entire enterprise.

LED Sensor Panel Lights for offices, schools…

The smart sensor panel light <19 UGR, is a key energy saving strategy for commercial spaces, schools and offices. Control the dimming operations remotely. It has the capability to intelligently recognise and broadcast. Daylight sensors collect the ambient light brightness information and feedback to to the 0-10V dim driver to adjust the brightness automatically.

Smart dimming : The brightness can be adjusted automatically according to the ambient light intensity which is collected by photo sensor and by the infrared body sensor.  The light will turn on automatically when human body is detected in the area, and will dim down gradually after people leave. A timer can be set to turn the light off, when no human presence is detected within the set time period.

Remote controller operations: The whole area of lights can be controlled by a remote control. The photo sensor or infrared sensor can be turned on or off according to the different requirements. The remote control can be used to set different lighting conditions for multiple scenarios.

Photo sensor function

Smart As Always

Zigbee Sensor Controlled Highbay for Warehouses, Workshops, etc

The highbay is specially designed for waterproof, low cost, low power consumption, low voltage, working at 2.4 GHz ISM frequency range of 0 to 10 v output control, based on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol development.

Wireless dimmable controllerThe controls can be used through computer, mobile phones, tablets and remote control unit. Compatible with different intelligent control modes, eg. DALI, occupancy sensor, etc.  The contour design is progressive. It breaks the routines and adds a ‘lampshade’ concept into the heat sink and makes the two in one as seamless. It’s chiselled with tough line and shielding light by the outer edge.

Unique Back Lit Design: 10% lighting on the upside optional which improves the installation time & reducing the blind area of the visual field.

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