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Retail Commercial Outlets

Physical aspects of your store create the overall feel of your retail experience. Light is one of the ways that retailers can create a pleasant atmosphere for their customers. How people feel when they enter your store can affect their mood, as well as how they perceive your brand and products.

To decide what kind of atmosphere you want your lighting to create, think about how you want customers to feel when they walk in your store. Warm, soft lighting can make people feel relaxed and comfortable, while brighter lighting helps customers see products more clearly.


As in the example, the products are highlighted with bright spotlights. This lighting strategy places a visual emphasis on the products and draws customers immediately to shelves.

When it comes to creating a high-converting physical retail store, you can’t afford to spend money like the big retail giants. But a small investment in LED lights could help to increase your sale multi-fold.

We provide free lighting design, if you are serious and recommend the optimum lighting for you.


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