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Ensuring a safe campus environment is paramount. So is keeping operational costs as low as possible. Keep your campus safe and the environment eco-friendly. LEDs provide a safe and energy-efficient environment. They reduce operating costs and satisfy student and faculty demands for green energy and eco-friendly solutions. They also provide superior durability in physical environments that can place extreme stresses on lighting fixtures and standards.

Our LED lighting  solutions will drastically reduce your energy costs. When  you use outdoor high-intensive bright LED lights to illuminate your campus, the university led lightingstudents will feel comfortable and safe.

We can offer security lights with built-in cameras.

We offer customised options for eliminating dark patches in parking lots, on pathways and on roadways. Choose new, complete LED fixtures, or retrofit our LED lighting into an existing fixture for a cost-effective way to increase night time illumination and reduce your power usage.

Benefits of LED campus lighting fixtures:

  • Higher safety levels
  • Improved lighting quality
  • Longer lifespans
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Energy savings up to 70%

Classroom-led-lightTo reduce costs & save even further, we recommend LED campus lighting retrofit kits. These lighting retrofit kits allow schools, colleges and universities to keep existing ceiling lighting fixtures but replace the luminaire with LED. These LED classroom lighting retrofit kits are a cheaper way to convert to LED in the classroom all while still gaining all of the benefits LED offers.

We provide free lighting design, if you are serious, and recommend the optimum lighting for you.

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