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We offer a wide selection of new lighting and retrofit LED lights for car showrooms. Our range of products can be used by auto dealers to efficiently light up vehicle showrooms, offices, auto service areas, car lots and parking ramps. The LED lighting products offer a number of benefits over standard types lighting eg.

  • Our LED lighting reduces electricity consumption by up to 80%.
  • The long life span (ten years or more) greatly diminishes the need for lighting maintenance and replacement.
  • Due to reduced heat generation by LED lighting, there is a reduction in air conditioning load, further lowering energy usage.
  • Indoor and outdoor LED lighting products are easily controllable with respect to timing and intensity of light.
  • LED lights come in a wide range of Kelvin temperatures (colors) from warm white to natural daylight.

LED lighting enhances the quality of light to improve the look of car showrooms, reduce glare, provide sufficient light for work to be performed and ensure that car lots and other areas of the property are adequately lit for safety and security reasons. Showroom lighting maintenance can become an issue when customers are on site or due to the fact that many lights are in out of the way places and are not easy to get to when a bulb needs to be changed. The good news is that in addition to saving you substantial money on energy bills, LED lighting fixtures and bulbs have an extremely long life span, drastically reducing the need for lighting maintenance or bulb replacement.

Choose from a variety of LED lighting products, as well as LED retrofit bulbs for existing car dealership lights.

Our LED lighting specialists will gladly provide you with a free car dealership lighting audit, complete with cost-benefit and ROI analyses. This will show you how you can benefit from making the switch to new showroom LED lighting or retrofitting your car dealership lighting with LED retrofits, resulting in a positive ROI over time (as well as a higher potential resale value of the property). During our lighting analysis, we will provide recommendations about how  LED lighting options can best be used to reduce your energy and maintenance costs, while keeping things bright, secure and safe.

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