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The Basics of WordPress SEO. WordPress SEO by Yoast settings – Dashboard These are the basic settings available in Yoast SEO’s dashboard. However it is recommended to optimize each page individually for SEO. But sites built with WordPress come natively equipped with a set of SEO friendly options for optimizing site pages to help increase search engine visibility. From Settings, select Permalinks and select “post name” to create a custom permalink structure that includes keywords from any blog post or page title. Sure, I can take a look at your blog, feel free to use a contact form on my blog to get in touch with me and share the link. Skip the other options. Some templates allow for this feature, but if not, a coder should be able to implement it. These simple steps don’t take long to do and once you’ve set up your blog, you’ll be ready to reap the benefits of getting more SEO traffic. By renaming the uncategorized item you’ve done the half work. The Yoast SEO plugin attempts to combine just about everything you need for SEO into one convenient plugin. It contains an image alt text that is not relevant to your blog and bad for WordPress SEO. So you‘ve made it! All big SEO plugins have the “Generate Google XML Sitemap” feature. You can do it by heading to the Admin Panel-Users-Your Profile. This way you will prevent spammers from trashing your pages and making them repulsive. How to set up SEO in WordPress – A Long Tail Pro Guide. After you are done with the General Settings, click on “Settings – Permalinks” and select the “Post Name” radio button. So instead of depending on the most convenient way, you may check the service below: They provide a more pleasant experience and service. Just enter your email address below and click “I am in!”. Again, if you have an SEO plugin installed on your blog, it will be the EASIEST  way to verify your online property. If … Note: You can’t delete an activated plugin, so make sure you deactivated it first. With its help, the design process will be fast, smooth and joyful. Because it is one of the weak spots that hackers can use to get into your blog. Now, as you have followed all the previous steps your website is completely ready for showing up in search engines. Like, SUPER FAST. These were some of the most necessary settings for WordPress SEO and On-Page SEO. Type the desired URL structures in them, you can make them “WWW” or non “WWW”. The site title and tagline are sometimes used on the site, depending on what WordPress theme you are using and what options you have activated on your site. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked*. Buy a WordPress premium theme from the reputable resource that already has been tested by real users and has all positive feedbacks. These fields are shown on each blog post. If your WP theme does not support this feature you may use special plugins such as Monster Insights. A well-organized menu will help you improve visitor dwell-time and reduce bounce rate. Where do you get the list of these services? 3) For multi-author blogs, also fill out the fields under WordPress SEO settings (SEO – Titles and Metas – Archives). This makes your URLs more appealing and WordPress SEO friendly. Help your visitors find you online with fast and reliable web hosting. Here it all depends on your own preferences and the preferences of your website audience. On the Post Types tab, I like to change the default to Title only. Although the default settings are acceptable, you can optimize for the best Yoast SEO settings with a few simple changes. 1) SEO – General Settings. Usually, it’s enough to have 3-5 post revisions. These two factors are huge in Google RankBrain universe. Categories are very important for SEO and user experience(UX). There are tons of plugins for SEO for WordPress, but the only one you really need when you get started is Yoast SEO. Each time you update the main theme, the settings will not disappear. If you’ve decided to go with GeneratePress product, then you will be greatly pleased by an amazing feature called “Site Library”. But forgetting to uncheck the visibility settings means the site will remain invisible and can be indexed by Google. When you are done with the website title and tagline you will see the WordPress (URL) Address and Site Address (URL) boxes below. Permalink structure is very important for WordPress SEO. Use it. Choosing the Best WordPress SEO plugin; Add XML sitemaps in WordPress; Add your site to Google Search Console; Optimizing your blog posts for SEO; Doing keyword research for your website Step 2: Type in the new title in the Name and Slug boxes. One of the easiest ways to increase your WordPress SEO efforts and speed up the website is to install a solid caching plugin. If you want to remove all unnecessary elements from your website and make it clutter-free this is something you need to do right now. Uncheck the option Allow Comments and click on Update. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a must for getting traffic to your blog or website. In order to make sure that everything works fine you should install a WooCommerce plugin. I suggest you go with the Post Name option. Best practice is to add a unique description on top of each category page. Write down your website address and click on ADD PROPERTY. I used this section to add Twitter cards, which can increase the visibility on Twitter when someone tweets something from your site. Also replace the default tagline text with something more appropriate for your website. WP post revision function consumes a lot of places and basically is not necessary to some extent. Google Analytics statistics help you understand your overall website performance. Step 1: Go to Admin Panel-Appearance-Menus and click on “Create a new menu”. This step is CRUCIAL! For each post that you write, be sure to enter a Title tag and meta description. If you want to verify your webmaster tools, there are some convenient fields that you can fill in on the Yoast dashboard. It is one of the most essential steps in the WordPress SEO settings. You may wonder which one of them do I personally use now? It helps to organize your articles’ structure and also speed up the page loading time, which is crucial for WordPress SEO. Leave the XML Sitemap field checked. It is 100% complete and offers everything I need(and even more) to control the On-page SEO. Go to Admin Panel-Users-All Users and click on the user name in the list. Read on to learn how Bluehost SEO tools can help your website gain more traffic. Note: Don’t forget to create a child theme for the main theme and activate it. Hi Brian! Edit each user profile and enter the following: 1) You can add your Google Plus URL for the user’s profile page. Last year, I grew my SEO traffic by about 1,320% to my blog despite only writing less than a dozen posts. In fact, it’s one of the most important ranking factors in the modern SEO world. Head back to Google Search Console and click “, Help understand the site’s visitors location, Demonstrate average time on site and bounce rate. Step 3: Check the required pages on the left side and click “Add to menu”. The Yoast SEO plugin works from 2 levels; global and local settings. And now when all plugins are installed successfully we can come back to the website settings, the next step is essential! Nofollow link attribute prevents page authority from leaking. However, you can still add your social media accounts in this section if you want. Go to Admin Panel-Plugins-Installed Plugins and Press the “Screen Options” button at the top right corner of the screen and uncheck the description option. On the Other tab, check the box to Noindex the archive subpages. If you have already verified these accounts, then you don’t need to do this step. Adding Google Plus information here use to be important until Google decided to nix it’s authorship program. Once your website starts making good money, you will want to upgrade to a better web host that will allow caching on their server without requiring you to use a plugin. Which step was the easiest and hardest to implement? Note: If you are unsure where to locate the file, you may consult your web host provider. Try to experiment with LSI keywords as well. Click on the “Taxonomies” tab. There you will see a number of options for your permanent URL structure. Generally, archive subpages will look the same and not contain any unique content so best practice is to Noindex them to improve the user experience for visitors as well as avoid on site duplicate content. General. Note: If your website is brand new, and you haven’t published any posts yet, you may freely type in the new Slug name in the box, using lowercase letters. Storing more copies would be a rather useless practice. Note: Additionally to picking the right category for your post, I suggest you think about good tags. Delete it! Learn how to optimize your blog posts or website content with these simple settings. For new sites, you can choose to default to either the www or non-www version of your site. This map is crucial if you want Google to index all your website pages properly. What are the main things to pay attention to first? You have already generated it in Tip #27. Copyright 2020 Bluehost Inc. All rights reserved. Note that some people prefer using All-in-one SEO plugin instead of Yoast, but they both do practically the same thing. Now how do you rename a category in WordPress Settings? WordPress was designed with search visibility in mind, and its developers work hard to ensure that its code follows SEO best practices. By the way, I don’t want to be pushy but could you please check out my blog and tell me what you think about it? These are elements that can be changed and updated within WordPress either in the general settings or using a SEO plugin like Yoast. For multi-author sites, leave these unchecked. The guys are crafting fantastic and reliable themes for super affordable prices. Impress your clients with professional email on your personal domain. WordPress themes come with the option to customize the site’s title and tagline within the Settings > General. Option 3: Install a plugin that will do the work. After logging into WordPress, click on “Settings – General”. These are general settings and not page specific. If you’ve just launched your website and installed the WordPress(WP) you might find some useless features and areas in its default mode. Try WPS Hide Login or Custom Login URL. Premium WordPress theme is also the best solution for Mobile SEO. This way it makes it super easy for readers to access all necessary posts and pages in a couple of clicks. It offers a legit pack of features that improve the website’s loading time in a blink of an eye. It scans your website for potential threads and offers some hardening options, such as: If you are serious about your website security, this is the very first plugin you need to install. You can encourage search engines to index your site by unchecking the option you have checked in Step 2 of this guide. Write the new URL in the plugin settings and remember it, or bookmark in your browser. A strong password is one of the most vital elements of WordPress Security. Your website should have no fluff and garbage articles, only high-quality content. Step 1: Head over to Google Webmaster Tools and click on the “SEARCH CONSOLE” button. It will tell search engines bots what website pages they are not allowed to index. How do you add the website in Google Search Console? As a best practice, it is a good idea to dofollow your social accounts so that they might rank in the search engines as well and send you traffic. However, the www version is recommended since many people will type in www in front of a website URL by default, including when they link to your site. It is also necessary when you are scheduling your posts. Option 1: Lots of quality premium WordPress themes come up with this feature. When an image is selected for adding to a post or page, users are given the option to add a title or caption, or “alt” text—a short description of the image. From Settings, select Reading to access the “search engine visibility” option and make sure that it is unchecked in order to allow search crawlers to access it.

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