Interest in this follow-up to Educating Essex had been building steadily, with audiences of over four million. Influential headteacher Vic Goddard received the award of Honorary Doctor of Education from Anglia Ruskin University’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Iain Martin, during a graduation ceremony at Chelmsford Cathedral yesterday afternoon (MON 8 OCT). 664407 or visit He has welcomed Michael Gove and Nicky Morgan as Secretary of State for Education in to Passmores, and been asked to provide evidence to the Education Select Committee. Spending by electronic purchasing card solution (ePCS) over £500 in the 2020 to 2021 financial year. The interviewer became increasingly annoyed with me. I cannot walk down a street in east London without someone shouting “bantaah”, “I’ll stab you in the penis” or “So what did you get in your observation?” A stranger hugged me outside Sainsbury’s. Teachers are often seen as an easy target for ministers and politicians to score some quick political points off, stoking parental anxieties about children’s futures. In September 2001, Vic arrived at what is now Passmores Academy. In 2014, Vic published his book, The Best Job in the World – described as part memoir, part primer for aspiring head teachers. Then, last December, in the finale, something rather special happened. More than 300 professionals working in the education sector have registered to attend the one-day event packed with motivational talks and over 15 workshops. The TV series changed all that.

“Our University already enjoys links with Vic, and he has given freely of his time to help students at Anglia Ruskin prepare for their future careers in education.

I have worked in both industries and think the secretary of state should know I receive a vastly different reaction when I tell people I am a teacher compared with when I said I worked anywhere near one of her esteemed colleagues. They portray us all as Marxists who love nothing more than going on strike for a day.

When I was at school (GCSEs 1992 - 1994 so a long time ago obviously) top set was for people predicted A - C grades. “You don’t want to work with us, do you?” It was shortly after this I came across Educating Essex and was instantly hooked. The professional learning conference has been organised in partnership with the Strategic School Improvement Fund.

The programme sheds light on the daily challenges we face from challenging pupils, external forces beyond our control and a workload that increases incessantly. The wonderfully charismatic Tawny, who wanted to achieve her dream of being an actress or a singer not through instant X Factor-style fame but through learning her craft the old-fashioned way.

And it was here that he found somewhat reluctant fame – as the passionate and straight-talking Principal in Channel 4’s Educating Essex, which captured the attention of around 2 million viewers for each of the seven episodes. By Sue Austin Oswestry Education Published: Jan 25, 2018. Documentaries about schools are vital as they raise awareness of this in the public consciousness.

It was shortly after this I came across Educating Essex and was instantly hooked. The loveable Halil, the confident Lemar and the quirky Joshua. Joe Bispham with pupils Tawny, Alexandra and Ruth. Besides, as the kids would say, haters gonna hate. We have a wealth of talent and exciting prospects in our schools. The eccentric and vulnerable Acacia, who was a pillar of strength even though her home life had been turned upside down. Professor Martin said: “We are very proud to formalise and deepen our relationship with Vic, by honouring his achievements. The cynics and naysayers, though few in number, will attack teachers, teenagers and community education, but I am proud that I was part of something that puts to bed tired and ill-conceived stereotypes. And he is driven by the mantra, “to refuse to ever let a student fail.”. Despite Channel 4’s focus on the more entertaining, unruly pupils, what shone through most of all was Vic’s passion for education – he vehemently refuses to accept limits on what his students and teachers are capable of. The staff on my television screen were dedicated, humorous and passionate about improving the lives of the children in their classroom. Chief reporter of the Oswestry/Mid Wales office. Then again, I could be biased.

There, I’ve said it. Equally, Educating the East End has also shone a light on the much-maligned but inspiring ideals of community education. Nicky Morgan, the new education secretary, said recently that she thinks teachers have an image problem. Guidance: Free school travel: funding allocations, Transparency data: DfE and executive agency ePCS spend over £500: 2020 to 2021, Transparency data: DfE and executive agency spend over £25,000: 2020 to 2021, Research and analysis: Evaluation of regional adoption agencies, Transparency data: EdTech demonstrator schools and colleges: successful applicants.

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