I never drink anything stronger than pop . It is dark brown or black from the head and back to more than half the length of the snake. HABITAT: Coachwhips are most often found in dry, relatively open areas. The belly is also pigmented with a double row of black spots, a belly pattern similar to the adult M. f. testaceus. These snakes feed frequently due to their high activity level. They are typically wary of human presence and often speed away when sighted. Coachwhips eat lizards, small birds, and rodents. It is a large, slender, fast-moving snake with dark color toward the front and lighter color at the back. They have large heads with strong jaws. Throughout their range they are known from a wide variety of habitats, including, but not restricted to rocky hillsides, grassland prairies, desert scrub, thorn forests, chaparral, pine and palmetto flatwoods, coastal dunes, cedar glades, exposed rock formations, edges between woodlands and fields, and longleaf pine-scrub oak sandhills. I had to finagle him out of the tree to get better video of him and he attacked me for it then proceeds to play dead. Their head and neck are typically black with the body gradually lightening to a tan colored tail. LIFE HISTORY AND ECOLOGY: Coachwhips are oviparous (they lay eggs) and clutch sizes average 10-16 oblong eggs (1-2 ¼ inches long) which have granular surfaces. Thats a rare find...Most eastern coachwhips I've ever saw around these parts are solid black....Biggest one I've ever caught was about 6 feet long and he was very skiddish of me as well....Tried to sneak into an old well house to get away from me,but it didn't work....Great pictures. The coachwhip mates in early to mid-spring, after hibernating for the winter in a shallow underground retreat. 1 Sep 2013. Coachwhips mate in the spring, and females deposit clutches averaging 10 eggs in June and early July. — Wikipedia Their smooth scales and coloration on their long slim tails have the appearance of a braided whip. I found this guy yesterday but didn't have a camera with me. This is most evident in northern parts of the state where some populations may no longer exist. Most clutches are located in rotting vegetation or logs and hatch 6 to 11 weeks after being laid. The Reptiles & Amphibians of Alabama. I had help identifying both snakes at iNaturalist.org. ( Log Out /  Other than taking some photos, we left these snakes alone. Hatchlings are typically 12-16 inches long and receive no known parental care. The rest of the snake is tan, reddish brown, or light brown. The most bizarre myths about those snakes are that the coachwhip will actively chase people and whip them into death, that’s false.The hoop snake legend, in which a snake grabs its tail with its jaws and rolls itself such as a wheel following prey, perhaps describes coachwhip snakes. Coachwhips are slender bodied snakes relative to their length. There are two subspecies of M. flagellum in Texas, each distinguished by its color pattern. And even if they do land a nip, it only hurts wimpy people who cry when they get pricked by a little dew berry thorn ;) Coachwhip snakes come in an array of color. Chanticleer  Press, Inc., New York, NY. It is my guess that they also eat toads, which may have been what was in the belly of the one in my photos. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

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