Bernie Sanders backs rent control, slams greedy landlords in new ‘yes on 21’ spot (Business Wire), Opponents of rent control initiative say Prop. Court of Appeals | Ballot access for parties |
19 debate: Funding for fighting wildfires or attack on Prop 13 tax protections? SB 300 would give the state Legislature until July 1, 2020, to pass the constitutional amendments. Gavin Newsom (D) signed SB 300 into law on June 30, 2020.[3]. have won the popular vote. 20 increases; opponents charge it’s a step backward for CA, Supreme Court denies GOP request to stop extended period for returning mail ballots in Pennsylvania, A new Marvel movie is reportedly filming in downtown SF this week, Video shows Chinatown business owner flashing concealed weapon to protect tourist, 49ers' Deebo Samuel had a near-perfect response to Aaron Donald's disrespect, The ghost who haunts the smallest park in San Francisco changed America, National Park Service opens 'missing piece' of historic Bay Area land to public. Energy | 19 debate: Funding for fighting wildfires or attack on Prop 13 tax protections? Major players for it: Californians for Kidney Dialysis Patient Protection. If the random sample indicates more than 110 percent of the required number of signatures, the initiative qualifies for the ballot. Major players against it: California Chamber of Commerce, California Small Business Association and several taxpayers' groups. Prop. [2], On June 26, the Assembly voted 47 to 16 to pass SB 300. Prop. Election governance | Congressional delegation | What it does: Allows 17-year-old Californians who will be 18 by the following general election to vote in primaries and special elections. 18 to engage, energize and empower the next generation of voters (San Diego Union Tribune), Thousands of 17-year-olds could vote in California primaries if initiative passes, study says (Sacramento Bee). Prop. Join the hundreds of thousands of readers trusting Ballotpedia to keep them up to date with the latest political news. Prop. [1], With Senate Bill 300 (SB 300), the state Legislature is seeking to allow more time to place three constitutional amendments—ACA 4, ACA 11, and ACA 25—on the ballot for November 3. Voters to decide property tax hike on big business, What is Prop. 17? 'Mass availability' of vaccine unlikely this year,... Video shows SF business owner flashing weapon to... SF broke a 128-year-old temperature record last week.

California mom missing 2 weeks in Zion National Park... UCSF professor explains why SF schools should reopen... 2 years ago, she left her Calif. home. One of the measures that will be put before California voters in November would reclassify some misdemeanor crimes as felonies and take a stronger stance on parole. Eric Ting is a reporter for SFGATE who covers politics, the coronavirus pandemic and sports.
Healthcare | Fear not! UC Berkeley Institute of Government Studies poll. 15 could raise billions for California, But who will pay? California is one of 16 states that requires a two-thirds vote in each legislative chamber during one legislative session to refer a constitutional amendment to the ballot.

Fear not! Major players against it: Orange County Board of Supervisors and several groups affiliated with the bail bonds industry. Legislators could decide to consider the initiative as legislation, although this has no direct effect on whether an initiative appears on the ballot. Legislative referrals can appear on statewide election ballots, including primary elections and general elections. Major players for it: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Democratic Socialists of America, Los Angeles chapter and various tenants' groups. Official Voter Information Guide, November 3, 2020, California General Election. There are 12 propositions on the California ballot in 2020. 20 increases; opponents charge it’s a step backward for CA (Davis Vanguard). The governor's signature is not required to refer a constitutional amendment. Proponents of an initiative could consider withdrawing their proposal if the legislature approved their initiative as legislation. What is Prop. State Senate | What it does: Classifies app-based drivers as independent contractors and not employees, which effectively kneecaps AB5. The following chart illustrates how much support and opposition committees received in campaign contributions for each measure on the ballot: The following table illustrates the vote requirements for the legislative referrals certified for the ballot, the votes that the referrals received, and how Democrats and Republicans voted on the referrals in each legislative chamber: In California, citizens have the right to initiate legislation through the ballot initiative or repeal legislation through the veto referendum. California elections in 2020 | Copyright © 2020 KGO-TV. Major players for it: California Realtors Association, California Professional Firefighters and several local real estate groups. Jerry Brown, the ACLU of California and several criminal justice reform advocacy groups. To read the full chapter on California, click here. Major players for it: Gov. Major players against it: A number of Asian American groups and Republicans in the California state Assembly. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, and the California Teacher's Association. Getting measures on the ballot in California, Process for ballot initiatives in California, Changes in signature requirements in 2020. The following graph illustrates the number of signatures required for initiated constitutional amendments (8 percent of the gubernatorial vote) and initiated state statutes and veto referendums (5 percent of the gubernatorial vote) from 1912 through 2022. Since CEC 9040 is a statute, the state Legislature can waive or adjust the referral deadline with a bill. The secretary of state notifies each chamber of the California State Legislature to hold joint public hearings on the initiative proposals. The legislature can refer statutes and bond issues with a simple majority vote, but the governor's signature is also required. A convicted felon who's on parole cannot vote in California, but Proposition 17 is asking voters if parolees should have the right to vote. 17 will strengthen both voting rights and public safety, Grocery stores are pushing California to be tougher on crime, Opposition to Prop. Ballotpedia staff occasionally also write articles about notable proposed measures that don't meet these criteria. If the raw count is more than the required number of signatures, the secretary of state instructs local officials to conduct a random sampling of the submitted signatures. Proponents of a ballot initiative file signatures with local elections officials, who then have eight days to determine a raw count of unverified signatures and communicate the count to the secretary of state. House of Representatives | Public education | Skip to Main Content; Secretary of State Main Website; Elections & Voter Information; ... Power Search; Contact Information; Election: November 3, 2020 November 3, 2020 March 3, 2020 November 6, 2018 June 5, 2018 ... in partnership with the California Secretary of … If the sample indicates fewer than 95 percent of the required number of signatures, the initiative fails to make the ballot. Recent polling: 51% support, 40% oppose, 9% undecided (PPIC poll, Sept. 4-Sept 13. Ballotpedia staff write articles about all initiatives and veto referendums that have been successfully filed with the state officials responsible for clearing the petitions for circulation. Here's how it will impact affirmative action in California, What is Prop. Major players against it: Former Gov. What it does: Allows homeowners over the age of 55, disabled or victims of a natural disaster to take existing, lower property tax rates to new homes anywhere in the state. The secretary of state assigns the initiative with a signature filing deadline.

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