i do not want to kill them, but im very afraid for my birds, they are full size. (I’m assuming they were bull snakes). So, if it’s really long, the odds are that it’s NOT a rattler.

but these snakes are big and strong.

They are found in Finding the skin the patio only means that the snake just happened to be in that area when it came time to shed. I feed my 5 ft bullsnake one, occasionally two adult mice every 7 to 10 days. Bullsnakes in their attempt to repel predators will frequently imitate the behavior and appearance of rattlesnakes by rattling their tail, hissing, and inflating their heads to a triangular shape. In Maricopa, Pinal, and Pima counties (where most of us live), they are all Sonoran Gophersnakes. A rattlesnake bite can be venomous; a bull snakes's bite is not, which makes identifying the snake critical. I have recently encountered three bull snakes in my tack barn and on my porch.

All Rights Reserved. Thanks again for asking a question that relates to one of the many misunderstood questions about snakes! Keep spreading the word! It has to be your decision to move them or not, but keep in mind if you’re moving adults that they are capable of delivering a bite.

Just had my first bull snake experience, just got stung by a wasp in the eyebrow, sprayed the wasp nest and was walking back into the house. great photos too.

I have read on allot of other forums that Bulls will try to eat adult chickens, do you think that is true? It is too easy to injure or kill the snake if it’s done improperly. I’m glad that you prefer not to kill them since they are an important part of the food chain and are a major predator of rats and mice, both of which can carry serious diseases.

If you have any livestock, you’ll have food which draws mice and rats which’ll draw the snakes to control the population.

I used to let them wrap around my arm as I carried them out of the plant fence to the fields where they prolly came from, but one time one got spooked by some one that walked by me and I wasn’t sure if he was trying to strike at me or just trying to turn to get away. During the heat of the day (upper 80s into mid 90s) they will usually find a cooler, shady place to rest.

I think the Yorkie is safe from a reptile of that size.

This reshaping of the head appears visually to be the profile of the venomous rattler. I hope this helps. and i too was told, after an encounter with a gopher snake that flattened its head, ‘rattled’ its tail and performed a decent strike at me, that it might have been a rattle-less rattler due to breeding with gopher snakes.

I have to agree, it’s a strange time of year to encounter a bullsnake, or any other if its relatives. Lots of rabbits means a growing population of coyotes to capitalize on the food source.

That wouldn’t keep the rattlesnakes out of the fenced area, but would certainly limit the occurrence where the pups are present. Chuck.

Often in the case of small children who can come into contact with dangerous wildlife drastic measures need to be employed.

go your medical emergency, the bite can create several problems and even death.

In fact, some desert snakes can suffer poor health consequences if placed in a moist area. The key identifier is in the head. And, I’m sure that he/she is responsible for the disappearance of many rodents. They would not eat them. This behavior oftens gives rise to the misconception that bullsnakes eat the rattlers……..Stomach content examinations of thousands of bullsnakes has indeed revealed some rattler parts, but in extremely low numbers. Let me know how to send you the picture. As for sexing them, it’s a tough and risky procedure. Good luck.

Rattlesnakes prefer to sit and wait and then pick off their prey when in range. Their bodies are usually fatter too. That helps them to stay alive.

Keep an eye out in the house, especially under the sink and in come floor level cabinets for telltale rodent droppings. Snake doesn’t get hurt, I don’t get hurt…..everybody’s happy. Hello Sheila, I must apologize for taking so long to respond to your question. Good luck and thanks again for writing as well as your concerns. © 2020 Have Snakes Will Travel. Despite popular myth, bullsnakes and rattlesnakes cannot mate and create snakes that look like bullsnakes but are poisonous. I share your concern about having youngsters playing in the yard with a venomous animal potentially present. I’m afraid they are going to make big holes and my horses are going to step in them and break a leg! In the particular study, looking at the guts contents of over 1000 bullsnakes, 2 rattlesnakes were found. From all I’ve learned, snakes really can’t spit in the “conventional” way. I have heard that they cannot do this so wondering if there is another explanation. But as you mentioned, you had discoloration around the bite area.

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