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In other ways, they’re quite similar to regular boas. Their litter sizes are small, usually around 6 neonates. As they get older, their pattern becomes less distinct, the opposite of other subspecies like the long-tailed boa. No bullshit reptile keeping, breeding, and everything in between. We currently have a great selection of BCC and BCI stock. Boa constrictor imperator is native to Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico,and northern Peru. Others are a flashy silver color, leading to some people calling them ‘silverbacks.’ They’re a beautiful variation. Captive-bred boas are much more docile. The other species is ‘Boa imperator,’ which is mostly similar to the regular boa constrictor but from a different geographical range. Known as ‘macanche’ snakes to the locals, Orton’s boa doesn’t live in rainforests like most other boas. This has put a dampener on the popularity of the Argentine boa as a pet. The Dominican clouded boa hails from the small Caribbean island of Dominica—not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. Red-Tailed Boa (Boa Constrictor Constrictor), Boa Imperator (Boa Constrictor Imperator), Facts About the Boa Constrictor Imperator, Short-Tailed Boa/Amaral’s Boa (Boa Constrictor Amarali), Long-Tailed Boa/Tumbes Peru Boa (Boa Constrictor Longicauda), Black-Bellied Boa (Boa Constrictor Melanogaster), Dominican Clouded Boa (Boa Constrictor Nebulosa), Pearl Island Boa (Boa Constrictor Sabogae), Argentine Boa (Boa Constrictor Occidentalis), Lojan Boa/Orton’s Boa (Boa Constrictor Ortonii). We always stay up with the ever growing Boa Morph market so that we can supply our customers with the best selection of quality Boa Morphs! BCIs are also a little shorter and slimmer than BCCs. It’s by far the most perilously endangered species of boa constrictor, and it may have already been lost in the wild. I have taken then into schools for demonstrations with no trouble. Locals call these spaces ‘cavalesche tete’chein,’ meaning ‘snake tunnels.’. Genetics: Color mutation - The Hypo Boa is a Co-dominant or incomplete dominant trait. When they first became popular, the majority of captive red-tailed boas were wild-caught. The Motley Boa is by far one of our favorite Morphs.This pretty lady came from Jeremy Stone, and is possible het for albino. We have several females we bread with the Salmon boas, jungles, and motleys. Graduate students (and their Supervisors) Information, Graduate students (and their Supervisors) Information Overview, PhD: Submission of Thesis/Final Examination, BOAS index calculator for French bulldogs, Part of the School of Biological Sciences, Cambridge Resource Centre for Comparative Genomics. It mostly eats viscacha, which is a kind of big chinchilla. If somebody tells you they own a boa constrictor, and it’s not a red-tailed boa, it’s probably a boa imperator. Boas are found in Mexico, Central and South America, and Madagascar. This is video number two! The common colombian boa is a great starter snake. This stunts their length overall, and they max out at about six feet. In 1803, it was first given the scientific name ‘Boa imperator.’ In 1842, it was reclassified again as ‘Boa eques.’ In 1910 it was first termed ‘Boa constrictor imperator,’ as it was again in 1951. According to. Some scientists pointed out that while the black belly is not seen on every boa, you can find boas with dark and almost completely black bellies elsewhere too, like Suriname and Guyana. This beautiful girl was born here in 06. Their exact range is difficult to pinpoint. I am thinking about pairing her up with the Albino male we have in 4 years and see what a salmontine sunglow looks like. Note the pattern and the head color. As they age, their vertebrae fuse together. Eventually, their back will fracture when they try and constrict a prey item. Orton’s original report on the snake stated that they’re quite short and squat, but modern breeders disagree, saying the snake can reach upwards of 11, 12 or even 13 feet. All images are copyright of the University of Cambridge or individual contributors, all rights reserved, no reproduction without permission. The boas for sale are guaranteed eating, sexed correctly, and healthy. The Hypo seams to change the pattern in the Motley but whit a combination of the 2 in one animals there are so many more things we can do with this guy. This is a Kahl Albino project 25% argentine 75% colombian. The first ones captured and brought to the U.S. were captured by a zoologist named James D. Lazell, who donated them to the Philadelphia Zoo. This gave them a reputation for being an aggressive snake. That’s why I set up snakesforpets.com – to answer every question that you could ever have about snakes as pets (and how they survive in the wild.) Their more common name is the short-tailed boa, because they have very short tails. Unfortunately, they’re so rare that they’re listed as an endangered species, which means that they’re illegal to capture or kill. The coral albino boas originated from one of Pete Kahl's original hetero bloodlines. The Boas have reached a level to where the skies the limit! The Hypo Gene reduces black and also changes the pattern. Genetics: Color mutation - Simple recessive. Their scientific name longicauda comes directly from the Latin for ‘long tail.’. There was a ban on exporting them until 2006. They say that it’s not significantly different from boa constrictor ortonii, which is another subspecies from around the same area. Boa constrictor imperator is native to Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico,and northern Peru. https://doi.org/10.22233/9781910443774.19.4. With people wanting to keep boas, but not a "big boa". Management, professional and personal development. When you have a dominant Hypo, and you breed it to a normal, all the babies will be Hypo. The French bulldog, bulldog, pug, pekingese, shih tzu, Japanese chin, boxer and Boston terrier are all examples of brachycephalic breeds. As of now 2007 there has not been a super jungle albino produced. The central american is a smaller boa. The babies have iridescent colors of purple and pinks when they are born, and keep that glow for the first year. In other things like size, weight and tail length, they’re similar to the BCC. The ghost is actually an anerythristic/hypo. We have several different Jungles in our collection and have big plans for this gene. The posterior body blotches and tail blotches are black. Their common name is the long-tailed boa—they’re hardly ever called the Tumbes Peru boa. Unfortunately, like many other species on our list, this boa is endangered. This one I call my pastel suriname. In the same litter, you also will produce a dominant version of the trait. Genetics: Color and pattern mutation - not proven yet. and our own line of selective bred Pastels. Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. Their max length is 11 feet, usually shorter. In the wild, they can survive quite low temperatures. Recent research suggest the condition occurs in approximately 40% of English bulldogs, 45% of French Bulldogs and around 60% of Pugs. Breeders with whom they were popular reported that they were a very skittish and bad-tempered snake. But they do have a very red tail. Orton’s boa is named after Professor James Orton, a zoologist who explored Peru and Nicaragua in 1876-77. In appearance, the snake is a typical boa constrictor, brown and light tan. The most distinctive feature of these breeds is their short muzzle. Some breeders have managed to create red and purple color variations. There are a wide variety of subspecies of boa constrictor found in the wild. Your email address will not be published. We have several pairs of argentine boas.

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