“Achtung, die Kurve!” is a DOS-game, created and released in 1995 by Filip Oščádal and Kamil Doležal. “Achtung, die Kurve!” gathered a small, passionate fanbase over the years. As a fan of the old DOS game, Geert van den Burg develops a new vision for “Achtung, die Kurve!”. You’ve come to the right place. Curve Fever Pro went live on the 26th of February, 2018 and can be played at https://curvefever.pro/. Flash Remake” is released in april 2010. Geert partnered with Robin Brouns; the artist for the new game.

Achtung, die Kurve! “Achtung, die Kurve! Wondering where the Curve Fever games come from? Flash Remake” drew a large following through word-of-mouth and Geert decided to make a sequel featuring online multiplayer. From 2011 through 2014 more features are added to Curve Fever 2, including team matches, various new powerups, different colors in the game, rankings and events such as monthly tournaments. 2” was released in november 2011. 2 and rebranding to Curve Fever. Flash Remake.

2011-2014 Work on Achtung, die Kurve! This information includes the number of players, the selected theme, whether the game was finished or aborted earlier and whether a death match occurred or not. It lets up to 6 people play on 1 keyboard. 2010 – Achtung, die Kurve! In January 2017, Geert renames the studio “Hidden Monster Games” and in April they move to their current location in central Amsterdam, beginning pre-production on a all new “Curve Fever”, called “Curve Fever Pro”. We also process information about the usage of the game Achtung, die Kurve!

We’ll take you through the official history of “Curve Fever”. 2017 – Hidden Monster Games and the next Curve Fever.

The FIRST multiplayer Curve Fever Game! This new version is called “Achtung, die Kurve!

Flash Remake . Other key features include custom curves and power-ups.

The games were rebranded for an international audience soon after, as “Curve Fever” and “Curve Fever 2”.

Game description Curve Fever 1, renamed from ‘Achtung, die Kurve! He creates a more accessible version of the game in Flash and adds a new game play mode to the game that includes power-ups. Flash Remake’, is a free to play computer game for the browser.

“Achtung, die Kurve! “Achtung, die Kurve! In 2015 Geert assembles a team and begins working on a new version of Curve Fever in HTML5. As a fan of the old DOS game, Geert van den Burg develops a new vision for “Achtung, die Kurve!”.

Each player only needs 2 keys to control his / her snake. The company moves to Breda and “Curve Fever 3” is released in September 2016. Flash Remake” and was playable on achtungdiekurve.net. Don't touch your opponents or the walls; you will die. The goal of the game is to make your snake as long as possible. This new version is called “Achtung, die Kurve!

It features a strong player progression as well as other new gameplay modes including quick “knockout games”, and playing games for stakes in arenas. It is also possible to just play by yourself against the computer. Achtung Die Kurve, also known as Curve Fever, is a multiplayer game based on Snake. He creates a more accessible version of the game in Flash and adds a new game play mode to the game that includes power-ups. The game can be played by one to eight people and can be described as a multiplayer version of Snake. Players are constantly growing lines, trying to cut off opponents. The recorded data does not allow to personally identify you.

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