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Talk to us about IoT-Powered Building Management Solutions. We offer a vertically-integrated smart building solutions that includes wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based or on premise software delivering predictive, proactive building automation right out-of-the-box. Easy enough for elementary students to install and configure, which lowers install time and related costs.


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We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Pure LED’s is a leading wholesale LED lighting supplier in New Zealand and have been in the electrical industry for over 40 years.


Service that you can always count on


Unparalleled service through staff who care about you individually.


Our prices are very competitive for their quality

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We ensure that you get the best prices to maneuver  in a competitive market


We deliver within 1-2 days at most locations in NZ


We work with you to deliver on the day you want your order delivered.


All Our Products meet NZ Standards

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All our products are certified and meets NZ standards. Vast product range with some up to 7 years warranty


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